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28 Sept 2008 - Another Stable Mate!

This Triumph thing is a bit addictive isn't it? No sooner than you finish one, and another comes along that is too good to miss! This time in the form of a 1964 Vitesse 1600.

It is funny how things happen, and sometimes it is all about being in the right place at the right time, and this was no exception. the Vitesse was owned by the father of my step-daughters boyfriend (still with me?) who is mentioned earlier as being the owner of Fernside Garage in Poole and who MOT'd Trudy for me. To cut a long story short and keep your attention, let's just say that I was able to help Shaun and he in turned gave me the car in return, much to to the dismay of my darling wife Jayne, who just wants her drive back so she doesn't have to park on the road!

The Vitesse is a 1964 Vitesse 1600 Saloon version, but with the roof removed and as you can see, the coupe hard-top I have has found a new home! So not a true convertible, but solid throguhout with only a few bits to sort out like the front and rear bumpers. With a new carpet set and recovered seats, it should be good to go, although I think I may modify the rear top section to fit the hard-top, and also a tonneau cover. Another thought is to cut up the yellow convertible I have and graft the proper convertible top section onto it. This would mean breaking up the yellow convertible completely which would be a shame, but to be honest I am not sure if I will get the time or enthusiasm to do another 13/60 having done one already! A vitesse on the other hand is a different kettle of fish!

So does anyone know anything about this one then?

XFX 558B
First Registration
24 June 1964
Commission Number
Original Paint
Original Trim
Engine Number






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