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13 January 2008 - Gotta get a move on...

Christmas has come and gone and how much more have I done on the car? ........Very little!

We did have a hectic christmas and new year with 5 children, and I also decided to get a new job, so it has been a busy time. In fairness I have nearly finished the bulkhead now, it was a little more rotten than first thought and since it is really the best opportunity to get rid of the rust while in this state, I have taken to my time to get it all welded up.

Now some would say that the best way to go about the repairs would be to completely replace the floorpans, but I am trying to do this on a budget as much as possible and even with floorpans, there is generally still a lot of fabrication and welding needed to pake it all fit properly. So I decided to repair as much as I could, and replace the passenger floor with the good panel that I saved from the rotten bulkhead off the original car. This itself was a repair panel, probably fitted a couple of years previously.

As you can see from the photos, there was quite a bit of work to do, and the trick bits were around the screen and also the bottom of the A-post. I don't confess to the be the best welder in the world, but I have done a good job in my opinion and it is definitely a whole lot better than the previous owners attempt, and it is back to its original strength, or better in some cases!

Also, check out the Christmas Cake! Jayne did me proud and made a lovely cake, and decorated it with a Triumph Herald! It looked great and tasted even better! I am looking forward to next year when she will have to do even better!

On another note, we went to a wedding exhibition to sort out some things for our wedding in May, and met a guy who runs an agency for interesting and unusual wedding cars. On speaking with him and telling him about this project, he is interested in having the car on his books to hire out. So there my be a little incentive to get the old girl painted in Sebring White and she can then pay for herself over the summer by ferrying other brides to the church!

Apologies for the delay in getting this update posted, I will try and keep them a little more frequent over the next few months....



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