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2 September 2007 - New Old bits arrive....

A bit of luck and I managed to get hold of a very good secondhand bulkhead, and a brilliant bonnet! Both came from the same barn that the chassis came from and both have been dry stored for a number of years.

The bonnet is absolutely brilliant, with minor surface rust and a couple of spot welds come adrift from the inner wings. An excellent replacement for my rusty and body-filled example on the car at the moment.

The bulkhead is in just as good condition and and came with some free hay and cow poo! A quick pressure wash off revealed that it was very very good for its age and like the bonnet had some minor surface rust and a couple of small poorly welded patches on it. These will be replaced with a decent job in due course.

So not a lot of work done since the last update, but a couple of new old parts sourced that will save me loads of time and mean the restoration is still on track for the wedding in May 2008!


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