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16 June 2008 - On the road.

Well, it is MOT'd and running and we went for our first ride out in her this evening. It was great and the culmination of a lot of work!

The MOT was booked for Saturday, and so I pottered around sorting out a few last minute things like the seat belts and lights. It was running okay, not particularly well, but okay. However, on filling it up with a full tank of fule, I found out I had a hole in the petrol tank! So much for the petrol strikes on at the moment, I am pouring it all over the drive! Well the sensible amongst us would have got a new tank, but oh no, not me, I decided to weld it. I drained it out into jerry cans and filled the tank up with water, cleaning it out and leaving it empty. Starting to weld, I felt quite warm and looked up to see a 4ft flame coming out of the filler neck! Knowing it was going to explode, I ran for cover, just in time for an almightly 'BANG!'. Luckily the tank survived and stupidly I carried on welding thinking it was now all burnt off. And luckily it was!

I took it up for the MOT about 3pm, and luckily it was with a guy, Shaun at Fernside Recovery in Poole, who has a 1600 Vitesse. He picked up a number of loose bolts and brake pipes, and lights (which came disconnected by the tank!) which were duly fixed and sorted, and by 6pm on Saturday she had an MOT! (Thanks a million Shaun, you are a star!).

Sunday, was a different story and the running got worse and to the point where it would not even start. I replaced the coil (a blue coil from a VW Beetle no less!) and ignition leads, for a VW again, with Bosch WR8LT tri-electrode plugs which should run cooled and give a better spark. I also stripped and cleaned out the Stromberg Carb and after much tinkering, she burst into life and ran quite sweetly.

So all is left it a few trim bits, sort out the electric windows and glue the seals around the hood. She is looking absolutely lovely and Jayne has decided to name her Trudy. So now Trudy is all restored and looking swell, and this friday is Classic cars down on Poole Quay, so guess where we will be!






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