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23 May 2008 - Woe is me!

Okay, okay, I know most of you were right and no, I didn't get it ready for the wedding! I was beaten by time and a small matter of a hole in the radiator!

Last night (Thursday), around 10pm, I was getting ready to start her, when lo and behold the anti-freeze was coming out as fast as it was going in! At that point, it was a showstopper, because with only 24 hours before the wedding, it was not going to be finished and I resigned myself to leaving it until we got back from our honeymoon.

As you can see from the pictures, we were cracking on with it and I was feeling confident up until that point. After a good nights sleep, it dawned on me that even if it didn't have a hole in the rad, it was not going to be finished without a mad rush. With a wedding the next day, my day was already full of things to do anyway!

Oh well, I will finish it when I get back from honeymoon!





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