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15 May 2008 - At the paintshop...

Some more pictures of the car at the paintshop...

It is Thursday today and they have said that they are bang on schedule for picking it up tomorrow, so it will all be finished by then for me!. They have obviously worked round the clock on this for me so I am extremely grateful and it still leaves me with a fighting chance to get the car finished for the wedding a week on Saturday.

I have taken the optimistic view and have booked the MOT for 0910 on Friday Morning - the 23rd and the day before the wedding! With all being well, and a few late nights next week, I should have it done by then.

I am sure that something will go wrong, as it is seeming to go smoothly at the moment, probably because I haven't got the car!

Well, wish me luck and I will keep you updated........





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