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28 October 2007 - she's got a sister!....

Okay, so nothing much has happened in the last month due to two factors: 1. I have had a really busy time at work (which is funding the restoration!) and 2. the garage is a mess and I cannot get in it to work on the car! I haven't had time to clean it because I have been busy with work, so it is a viscious circle. The one good thing about doing these updates is that it highlight how long it has been since the last one, and this is enough to scare me into tidying the garage tonight!

Well, that said, I have failed to make progress on the car, and to make matters worse I have certainly caught the 'Herald' bug and got myself another one. Most of the people I speak to have at least three or four cars in various states of (dis)repair so I think you can safely say that I am on my way to CHD or Compulsive Herald Disorder!

The new girl is a bit newer, a 1970 13/60 model in Saffron yellow. Found in a barn and dragged out to reside at my father-in-laws drive until I have finished the first one, she came with a really good bonnet and another chassis. One thing I am getting good at is know what I am going to need from the outset!

She is complete but just very neglected and I am hoping that it will be a bit easier the second time as I will know what to look out for and how to do it properly.

So watch out for Restoration number 2 on this site next year, when the Saffron girl gets restored to her former glory. I am really liking the Saffron colour, so I will be keeping her original.

In the meantime, I must get on to sorting the garage out tonight, I will post the before and after pictures on my next update.....



First Registration
07 December 1970
Commission Number
Original Paint
Original Trim
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