Welcome to my Triumph Herald Restoration Pages!

This website follows the body off restoration of a 1967 Triumph Herald 13/60 Convertible:

LRU 148F
First Registration
14 December 1967
Commission Number
Original Paint
18 (Gunmetal Gray)
Original Trim
58 (Shadow Blue)
Engine Number
GK5983HE - 1296cc
(FP78212E on log book?)

Click to follow the restoration from the start

A few words from the Author!

Never having owned a Triumph Herald before, let alone carried out a body-off restoration on one, it is a quest to prove something to myself (and my partner who thinks I am off my rocker!) . You will see that I perhaps could have done a little more research on the Triumph Herald before rushing in to buying the first one I saw on ebay, but I have always been impulsive, and will ultimately pay the price during the rebuild. If you want to know more about me then click here.

If you don't know anything about Triumph Heralds, then take a look at the Herald 13/60 Specs page and the Other Herald Stuff to give yourself a good idea of what it is all about.

The Restoration pages will be added to as I go through the pain of the stripdown and rebuild, and hopefully it won't be too long before it all comes together - and I will try to keep the pages updated as best I can.

My memory is pants for remembering to take pictures so I will endeavour to keep the photographic progress up to date as much as I can!

If you have any comments on the restoration the please drop me a mail at tony@heraldrestoration.co.uk

I am particularly interested in good tips on the things to do to make her more reliable, go faster and look better!

My next project was a Sammio Spyder, which is a 1950's sportscar replica. Follow the build at www.mysammiospyder.co.uk


If you are looking for high quality chroming or plating, try these guys!

See teh restoration progress as it unfolds!

After - Yes, this is the red one!
Off to the paint shop...
This was a serious rebuild!
Before - this is what it was like when I bought it


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